Thai Traditional Dance

About us
The Thai Traditional Dance team started off being part of Thai Culture Night 2017 as a side performance. We began formally practicing (with an instructor & without) around the beginning of Winter Quarter, twice a week (almost) without fail up until the big day in late April. Usually, by this point the temporary team would have been disbanded until it’s time to start practicing again for next year’s TCN (at which point a new team would be formed). However, we had such an amazing time during that period learning new dances, performing live for various events, and just being in the company of each other that we thought ‘why must this be temporary?’.
Thus, Thai Dance club was born 😛 .

What is Thai Traditional Dance?
Thai Dance is an elegant form of art, characterized by graceful hand and arm movements, and elaborate costumes. That is what most people will associate Thai Dance with, and although it is true to a certain extent, this dance style is so much more than that! To put it simply, there is much regional variation in the technique, pace, clothing style, and overriding theme within the dance form (North, North-eastern, Central & South), and we believe that showing you will be much more insightful (and interesting) than going on and on about the nuances of Thai Traditional Dance. So here are some clips to the different styles of Thai Dance. Feel free to browse through them!

What are the requirement and commitment like?
No prior experience necessary, and both guys and girls are welcome. Also, despite being an extension of ThaiSA, you don’t have to be part of the parent organization in any way, and there will be no obligation or pressure to be in both if you don’t want to. So just bring your enthusiasm!
As for the commitment, practice will be once a week, 1.5 hours each session, with perhaps added hours during TCN period according to if and how many dances you will be participating in. Tryout and joining period is any time of the year, so drop by whenever 🙂 .

Photos from TCN 2017

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