Thai Culture Night 2019


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This year’s Thai Culture Night is “Fabric” by Henry Ong, a docu-fiction based on real events.
On August 2, 1995, in El Monte, California, 72 Thai workers are discovered in a sweatshop apartment complex, ringed with barbed wire and spiked fences. The true story of modern-day slavery in the garment industry, and the first modern day slavery case in the United States.
This year, the play is based on a real slavery case that affected Thai-Americans here in Los Angeles. The late Henry Ong worked extremely hard to interview the garment workers and real life characters portrayed in the play, so we are honored to be able to perform it with the support of his sister, Stella Ong and husband, Matthew Black.

Read more about this landmark case here in this article by the Daily Bruin:


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Featured Acts:

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