2018 Welcome Week

Every year, ThaiSA hosts welcome week during the first few weeks of school to ring in the new school year, bring in new faces and reconvene with old friends~ This year our events were: Sunset at Santa Monica, Hiking in Los Liones Canyon, First General Meeting, and Pool Party at our staff apartment!

☆ Sunset at Santa Monica ☆

For our first event we went to Santa Monica to walk down the pier and enjoy the sunset. New members were given an opportunity to explore the beachside and Third Street Promenade. We ended the night by grabbing dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

sm group

☆ Hiking and Malibu Views at Los Liones Canyon ☆

Los Angeles is large and there is much to see, but you can view it all, from downtown to the Pacific Ocean from Los Liones Canyon. We hiked up the canyon under the sun, and bonded at the top, overlooking the views.

hiking group

☆ First General Meeting ☆

For our first general meeting we shared Thai food and played fun games and introduced our club and board members.

gm photo

☆ End of Summer Pool Party ☆

Summer doesn’t end in LA! We ended our welcome week with a poolside hangout with friends and potential P’/Nongs (families)! We all bonded over root beer floats and unlimited ice cream.

pool photo

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