About Us

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TS Retreat @ Crestline, May 2017 (looking very soggy bc we were)

Thai Student Association (previously known as Thai Smakom) is an organization established in 1980 by 8 international Thai Students who sought to increase the visibility of Thai and Thai-American culture at UCLA. Supported by students, faculty and the Thai Consulate, we program events to support Thai Students. We welcome everyone (undergraduate, graduate and alumni) from any heritage and background, Thai and non-Thai alike.

As UCLA’s Thai Student Association, we strive to provide Bruins with the experience and exposure of our Thai Culture through socials, cultural events, community service as well as our annual marquee event: Thai Culture Night Production.

At the core of our events, we hope you meet new faces, make meaningful connections and have fun.

We hope you are inspired to join the effort in preserving and developing our Thai Culture.

We hope you continue making memories!

Why join us?

We seek to be a space of support and resource for Thai Students, to supplement your time here at UCLA.

We do not seek to compete with professional frats or organizations for your time, nor take away the experience of “being abroad” for you.

Our space is for you to come meet fellow Thais during a virtual yet busy quarter, have fun, and bond with other members through the activities and events we have planned for this school year.

So put us in your calendar and see you soon!

— with love, the ThaiSA Board (2020-2021)

Not convinced yet?

Here are some more reasons. As a club, we aim to promote and aid our fellow members toward their personal development in different areas, including: